About Us

Boat Service was founded in 1995 aiming to satisfy the specific needs of yachtsmen who, throughout time, have needed to moor their boats for the winter season. Additionally, Boat Service offers tourists the chance to park their cars and the possibility for yachtsmen to moor their boats during the summer. Since its creation, the company has gradually grown and developed a highly efficient service of transportation of short and long boat journeys. Boat Service then began using specialised personnel in their professional shipbuilding activities.

In 2002, in order to completely satisfy the needs of its clients, the firm promoted the “Nautica di Qualità” project, aiming to reach the highest level of quality in the sectors representing its core business. By maximizing quality and efficiency, clients’ requests grew rapidly and with this, the need for expansion. In 2007, the administrators decided to start a new project called “Espansione e Sicurezza”, this involved the company using all its energies to create a new area of boat storage and parking and investing in considerable resources in the field of security. As time went by, there were frequent complaints from clients due to the poor mooring service during the summer period. This in turn led to the collaboration between the various managers of the docking areas around the Amalfi Coast, but with no positive result.

Therefore, in May 2012, in order to handle this problem and in order to avoid yachtsmen leaving to go to other more organized areas during the summer, Boat Service had a reorganisation and offered improved services including mooring. This gave the company the opportunity to guarantee a high quality of professional service for all those interested in navigation not only during the winter period, but also throughout the year.