Throughout the summer period, Boat Service offers assistance to all the ports on the Amalfi Coast. It especially assists yachtsmen regarding any kind of maintenance, which is required to their boats.

During the winter, the watercrafts are “sheltered” in the boatyard in a protected ventilated area therefore the owners need not worry about their boats once their summer holidays are over.

Boat Service stores the boats and launches them at sea at the beginning of the coming summer period. After their tired owners have worked throughout the winter, the company gets the boats ready and working for the pleasure of their owners to be at sea the following summer.

Boat Service guarantees accurate maintenance of the engine and the electrical system thanks to the technological innovation and the experience of authorized mechanics who are specialists in the assistance and servicing of important manufactured engines. In this way, yachtsmen and anglers can be sure of making long journeys without having to worry about the engine of their boat.

An old electrical system or one that is not periodically checked can often lead to problems. These may include electrical dispersion, which can eventually lead to the discharge of the batteries, malfunctioning of electrical and electronic equipment, possibility of short circuits with the danger of fire and last but not least the possibility of corrosion of metals of the sockets, engine, helm, screws etc.

Boat service pays careful attention to the on board electronics, checking these systems in minute detail and guaranteeing an exemplary safety result.

Boat Service also offers regular boat maintenance with daily or weekly checks that are initially agreed with the client according to his or her needs. It also ensures a constant check of all on board services including the recharging of the batteries, the ignition of the engines and generators, conditioning system and ventilation.

In addition, it guarantees the correct functioning of the pumps, toilets and autoclaves. It ensures the maintenance of the hoists, winches etc. and offers direct on board maintenance i.e. the interior and exterior cleaning of the boat.

It’s like having a crew directly at your service, but without having to worry about fixed prices. In fact, it is the staff’s responsibility to carry out these tasks professionally, within the expected timeframe and required budget.

Boat Service efficiently uses cranes, fully equipped trailers, trucks and jeeps for transport up to 15 tons.

The company is able to offer both long and short distance transport services for boats, guaranteeing safe trips in excellent conditions.

Boat Service aditionally offers the painting of trailerable boats and any component relating to non trailerable boats, on request. Moreover, they work together with craftsman who deal with fiberglass and carpentry works on any kind of boat.

Thanks to experience gained throughout decades, Boat Service studies the hull of every single craft (skiffs, inflatable rafts and resin hulls) in order to treat it with specific products.

Boat Service carefully deals with the painting of the hull because it is this surface which is fundamental to guaranteeing stable navigation and a perfect glide of the boat.

Boat Service believes that the best maintenance for a boat is not limited to its mechanical parts. Security does not only mean having a reliable engine, it also implies efficient on board electronics and an inspected and secure electrical system

Finally, Boat Service has qualified personnel who are able to offer technical and mechanical consultation for the valuation of boats, inflatable rafts, skiffs, engines etc. in relation to both the sale and purchase.