Car Parking

Boat service offers a large car park organized to allow commuting tourists to park easily and without worries. The car parking and surveillance service is also active for those who intend to leave their car for medium-long periods.

Boat Service implements the utmost professionalism to offer a safe service at an affordable price: - a covered and uncovered parking space in Via Vecchia Chiunzi, 77 near the Fire Station; - a constant 24 hour vehicle monitoring service through highly trained staff and a digital video recording circuit with closed circuit cameras - the possibility, upon request, of handing over your car directly to a person in charge of the parking - car surveillance service in the departures (or arrivals) area of ​​the hotels where you are staying.

For those who decide to use the car parking-surveillance service, if requested, the following are provided: - internal and external car washing; - refueling; - changing tires from the best discounted brands; - complete overhaul and service; - small repairs to bodywork and car electricians;

All services are guaranteed by the professionalism and seriousness that Boat Service has been offering its customers for over 25 years.