Mooring of boats

Mooring for boats, for short or long stays

a) Docking the vessel for short or long stay: Boat Service intends to offer customized docking for the type of vessel, in order to guarantee the stability of the vessel and place it in conditions of maximum safety. Furthermore, the company plans to satisfy the specific needs of the yachtsman, in order to personalize the services.

b) Ground connection shuttle active 24 hours a day: A shuttle is set up and helmed by a qualified moorer in uniform capable of assisting the yachtsman in the process mooring and to intervene in case of maneuvering difficulties. The shuttle will allow the boater and passengers to access the ground in full comfort and quickly.

c) Telematic mooring reservation or call center: A website is activated where you can access in order to obtain all the information necessary for mooring, i services offered and the possibility of booking a buoy electronically, receiving the issue of a "code". mooring" which will certify the right to use the buoy for the requested period. The booking function will be able to also take place via call centers.

d) Docking assistance from qualified, multilingual staff: The mooring staff will be selected from among young residents in the Municipality of Minori, giving priority to those who are in a state of unemployment or mobility. Those who are selected will have to complete a training course of n. 20 hours in Relationship Marketing and First Level English. Each employee will wear a uniform in order to be easily identifiable by customers and in case of checks. With the completion of professionalism and knowledge of languages ​​will be sought to adequately assist the yachtsman in the docking phase, above all in the case of adverse weather conditions.

e) 24-hour vessel surveillance: The mooring staff will carry out careful surveillance of the boats in order to avoid theft of the on-board equipment, or of the boats themselves. In addition, infrared cameras will be installed to also guarantee 24-hour video surveillance.

f) External and interior washing with biodegradable products: Customers who request it will be offered the External Washing, Interior Washing and Upholstery, awnings and on-board equipment using exclusively biodegradable products in such a way so as not to burden the environmental impact.

g) Sea assistance in case of damage within a 15 mile radius: Moored customers, in the event of damage within a 15 mile radius of the "Mooring Camp", can request assistance intervention at sea via the call center. The moorers will carry out the towing of the vessel in the nearest recreational unit.

h) Mechanical, Electronic and Maintenance Assistance of various kinds: The activation of a specialized assistance service for engine, electronic, hydraulic and sailing, carpentry, launching and hauling interventions is envisaged.

i)The following services are also provided: - Weather Alert - Waste collection - Laundry - Water supply - Electrical connection - Catering on board - Newspaper on board - Guided tours on land and at sea